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People suffering from Diabetes, Cardiac problems and other ailments have specialized and Exclusive Hospital to take care of their entire problems, starting from counseling to Advanced Treatment.

No Such exclusive Hospital for reproductive Medicine ( infertility and sexual problem) with all the advanced treatment is available.

All Under One Roof
Sexual Problem

Male sexual dysfunction can have profound impact on a man's life affecting his self image and confidence, his sense of manhood. it can shatter a young couple's life by affecting their sexual Procreative and Marital fulfillment and often results in Unconsummated marriages, infertility and divorce.

In our Hospital we have full time sexologists to treat all male and female sexual problems scientifically with confidence. ED 1000- Erectile Dysfunction Shockwave Therapy (EDST) a complete solution to E.D. Patients the rapeutic Angiogeriesis using shock wave theropy.



One of the basic needs of all human beings, is need to have children. Unfortunately 15% of couples conception does not occur. Infertility is not merely a physical condition, it is an emotional and social condition as well, carrying with it intense feelings of anger, frustration, isolation depression and grief.

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Today New Borns

In life, it is hard to count blessings in one hand. Today, you received one of the most coveted and special gifts any parent could ever have. I wish to congratulate you and wish you well as you embark on this wonderful parenting journey.

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We are doing all the infertility related services including

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Our achievements

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Our team

Directors & Senior Consultants


More than IVF procedures
medical camps
High Risk pregencies
more than babies per annual

Our merits

• By artificial insemination method 60 years old women attained motherhood and delivered a child

• Pioneer to Introduce "INVOCEL" treatment for infertility in India. The cost involved for this treatment is very less.

• Reconstruction of the uterus first time in India.

• Twin baby conceived and delivered for the 55 year old woman first time in India LIMCA record.

• Recently 60 year old woman delivered a baby by IVF.

• Saturn active laser used in IVF first time in Asia.

• Surrogate Mother, who carried the baby of her own daughter.